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Sunburst Elegance

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An exquisite arrangement marrying the vibrant allure of sunflowers and yellow roses with the delicate charm of white spray roses and the airy elegance of solidago. Presented in a sleek ceramic gold cube vase, this arrangement radiates sophistication and joy, perfect for illuminating any space with its timeless beauty.



Sunburst Elegance measuring 8 inches in height by 8 inches in width, designed to captivate with its harmonious blend of sunflowers, yellow roses, white spray roses, and solidago. Nestled within a ceramic gold cube vase, this composition exudes sophistication and joy, adding a touch of radiant elegance to any setting. Whether adorning a dining table, brightening up a workspace, or gracing a special occasion, ‘Sunburst Elegance’ is sure to leave a lasting impression with its timeless beauty and impeccable craftsmanship.


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