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Vegas Speedway Blossoms

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Introducing “Vegas Speedway Blossoms”: A captivating arrangement inspired by the Las Vegas Grand Prix. Red roses symbolize passion, black carnations add a touch of drama, and white hydrangeas represent the pursuit of excellence. Displayed in a sleek black ceramic container adorned with checkered flags, it’s the perfect blend of speed and style, making it an ideal centerpiece for any Grand Prix event.



Introducing our “Vegas Speedway Blossoms” arrangement, a stunning floral masterpiece that captures the spirit of the Las Vegas Grand Prix with a touch of sophistication. In the heart of this arrangement, vibrant red roses symbolize passion, love, and the adrenaline rush of the race. The deep black carnations add a bold and dramatic contrast, signifying the road of challenges that racers face, while the purity of white hydrangeas represents the pursuit of excellence and perfection in the race.

The arrangement is beautifully displayed in a sleek black ceramic container, echoing the sleek design of a racing car, and adorned with miniature checkered flags that pay homage to the excitement and competitive spirit of the Grand Prix.

“Vegas Speedway Blossoms” is a striking blend of speed and grace, making it the perfect centerpiece for any Las Vegas Grand Prix event. It captures the essence of the race and the beauty of the occasion, making it a true celebration of both competition and style.”

The perfect Las Vegas Grand Prix floral centerpiece.

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