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Christmas Flowers Las Vegas



THE PASSION FOR THE HOLIDAY, WITH ITS consuming immersion in color, festivity, and pomp captivates all of us and is well represented in the amaryllis with its big, exuberant blooms and hearty stems. It is also celebrated for its long-lasting flowers (the plant also dependably reblooms) and for its versatility in arrangements. Not a flower to stand alone, the amaryllis makes a statement when huddled together with its sisters in a series along a mantel, perhaps, or when massed in one pot. Amaryllis stems can also appear beautifully when cut short and mixed with other flowers for the table. Christmas Flowers Las Vegas

These Christmas flowers, however, have a beautiful and tragic history. Named for a nymph in Virgil’s Eclogues who fell in love with an indifferent shepherd named Alteo, Amaryllis consulted the Oracle at Delphi for guidance with her unrequited love. The Oracle suggested a dramatic solution—to pierce her heart with a golden arrow. So, she continued to pierce her own heart for thirty days. Once she died, the blood that dropped became a blood-red flower, which was then called Amaryllis. Though versions of the myth vary—did she die or not—the significance of the word ‘amaryllis’ reflects the story. Suggesting pride, determination, and beauty, the word literally means to sparkle, making it a fitting symbol of the season.

BETWEEN THE DEEP, SATURATED, TRADITIONAL red and burgundy or the more subtle shades of white and pink, the poinsettia’s bracts or modified leaves with their wide-open faces virtually announce their relevance in the panoply of Christmas flowers. Masses of the plants arrive at the grocery store or nursery with their plastic pots swathed in metallic foil. That predictable, metal-foil presentation gives the poinsettia a less-than-refined reputation. However, floral designers in all their brilliance bring out the best in poinsettias, trimming the stems, cauterizing them with a flame, and then building lush arrangements to celebrate their liveliness and innate beauty.



Originating in Mexico, the ancient Aztecs used the plants to extract dye, and the sap to treat illness. Its popular name is for Joel Roberts Poinsett, a botanist and physician who was the first U.S. Ambassador to Mexico.

He fell in love with their red hue in 1828 and had the plants sent back to his greenhouses in Greenville, South Carolina.

We can attribute the poinsettia’s holiday popularity to the fact that it tends to bloom in December in its native Mexico.

A folkloric tale tells the story of a young girl named Pepita who wanted to give a gift to baby Jesus. She had no money, so she picked a bouquet of weeds. Her cousin Pedro told her that even though they were a small gift, the fact that they were offered with love meant everything. When Pepita laid the bouquet at the cradle of Jesus, the humble gift became a bouquet of lush, beautiful flowers—a manifestation of her devotion.

Christmas Cactus

A cactus for Christmas? The Christmas cactus is a longtime favorite for shoppers all over the United States.

This plant comes in a variety of colors, but not surprisingly, the red cactus plant is the most ordered online and in florist shops. Part of the reason for these potted plants popularity is the lack of care required. Cactus plants are good indoors plants that aren’t terribly high maintenance. Since they’re cacti they also don’t need constant watering. With a beautiful holiday colored red flower and simple care requirements, it’s easy to see why shoppers love them.

Christmas Tree

For some people it’s still hard to believe that their large Christmas tree is indeed a plant.

You may not deliver a Christmas tree in the mail like these other holiday plants, but it is technically a Christmas plant. When someone wants to send Christmas tree plants, they typically opt for Christmas tree bouquets like these instead.

In fact, these miniature trees are so popular you can even pick from different shapes, sizes, and even pick which colored ornaments and decorations you like best.

Holly Plant

Holly plants, or rather holly bushes, are sent as gifts as much as the other varieties mentioned here, but they’re frequently used for decorating.

You’ll often find holly berry stems used in Christmas wreaths and centerpieces for the dining table around the holiday season.

Oddly enough, though holly berries are the most famous Christmas berry, these plants don’t grow well in snow as they’re portrayed. They get easily damaged by snow and wind too. They grow most easily during the spring and fall. If you look at historical photos, you’ll also see holly berries used in the spring for the most fashionable women’s hats.


It wouldn’t be Christmas without mistletoe.

Everyone knows read any kind of Christmas story knows that hanging mistletoe above their door will result in free kisses for all who venture below it. You won’t find a mistletoe plant at your local florist though, and there are a few reasons for that. Not only is this a poisonous Christmas plant, but it’s also grown in the dessert. This parasitic plant is dangerous when ingested by anyone, including your pet.

Since it’s also originally from the dessert, you can guess how long it will last outside in the snow hanging above your door. Knowing all of this, people still love the thematic holiday representation that it offers. Do yourself a favor and buy some fake mistletoe and hang it safely outside your door. You can still spread the love this holiday season without a real parasite attached to your doorstep.

Something Funny to Note

The most famous flowers for Christmas time aren’t really flowers, they are in fact plants. Not only are they plants, but they’re tropical plants. The famous Christmas song Mele Kalikimaka makes more sense now doesn’t it?

Now that you have all for the information about Christmas plant types, you’ll know how to answer that age-old question that repeats every year.

What is the name of the red Christmas flowers? It’s the poinsettia, and if that’s not it, then you now know what the plants are called.

Christmas Flowers Las Vegas, NV.

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