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18 Preserved Red Roses (white flower box)

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Our remarkable flower box is bursting with an incredible display of 18-19 Red Preserved Roses.

These preserved roses last up to 3 years.

Preserved flowers are very fragile like fresh flowers, so they must be handled with care and should be treated as follows: DO NOT WATER. They do not need water. Sprinkling water or perfume can cause damage.



This stunning flower box promises to be a cherished and heartfelt gift for your loved one. Featuring 18 preserved red roses elegantly arranged in a luxurious box adorned with white pearl pins, it’s both transportable and visually striking. The preserved roses ensure lasting enjoyment, serving as a enduring symbol of your affection. The vibrant red hue of the roses beautifully contrasts with the elegant white box, creating a captivating display that adds joy and beauty to any environment.


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